As Instructor (UCLA)

Ling 130 – Language Development (Summer 2020 Syllabus: PDF)

Description: This course was concerned with the question of how children naturally acquire their native languages. The primary focus was on children’s development of grammatical knowledge and the various stages that they pass through on the way to adult competence. We looked at development in the various components of grammar – phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics/pragmatics and we also discussed some theories of language development. The students were introduced to child language data – what children perceive, say, and comprehend in the course of development – and learned how to analyze that data. We also looked at language acquisition in English and other languages, and in special populations and circumstances (e.g. bilingualism, L1 acquisition beyond the “critical period”).

Responsibilities: Course design, lectures (6h/week), discussion section (1h/week), office hours (2h/week), advising students on their final research projects, hosting a mini-conference for students to present their research projects, and grading homework and final papers.

As Teaching Assistant/Associate (UCLA)

  • Ling 1 – Introduction to the Study of Language
    • Spring 2022 with Prof. Harold Torrence
    • Fall 2021 with Prof. Giuseppina Silvestri
    • Winter 2018 with Prof. Nina Hyams
  • Ling 127 – Syntactic Typology and Universals
    • Winter 2021 with Prof. Giuseppina Silvestri
  • Ling 130 – Language Development
    • Winter 2020 with Prof. Nicoletta Loccioni
    • Spring 2018 with Prof. Victoria Mateu
  • Ling C140 – Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition
    • Fall 2020 with Prof. Elise Bell
  • Ling 120B – Syntax I
    • Fall 2019 with Prof. Nicoletta Loccioni
  • Ling C135 – Neurolinguistics
    • Spring 2019 with Prof. Victoria Mateu